Hill Family Cemetery

Orman Street

Dalton, Georgia

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Nancy Hill {1} 24 Nov 180623 Dec 1854 ~
Richard Hill {1} 08 May 180026 Feb 1848 ~

This cemetery contains the remains of Richard and Nancy Hill and several of their family members. They were one of the first families to settle in Dalton. Richard won the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 and was awarded 160 acres in what was then Murray County. In 1851, that parcel of land became part of Dalton in Whitfield County. By then Richard had died and Nancy was farming with the help of her six sons, Alexander, Matthew (Gustavus), William, Marion, James and John. Her oldest son, Edward, and two daughters, Millie and Mary, had married and begun families of their own. Alexander would later lose his life at the Battle of Resaca on May 15, 1864. Unfortunately, we do not know which family members were buried with Richard and Nancy. In 1982, the gravesites were desecrated by the person in possession of the land even though he was aware that there were gravesites there. The family has since erected a monument on the property to proclaim the ground as a sacred site. They have also blocked further action by the landowner to sell the property for the purpose of constructing a building where the Hills' remains lay.

Dalton Daily Citizen Newspaper article published December 20, 1982,
Historical Gravesite Threatened By Land Clearing.

{1} Submitted by Brenda Russell.

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