{Selected Entries}

Tilton Town Mahala Coker Head61Georgia/Georgia/Georgia
Dalton Samuel Crider Head42Georgia/Georgia/~
" Lizzie Crider Wife38Georgia/Georgia/~
" William Crider Son16Georgia/Georgia/~
" Lottie Crider Daughter [Son]14Georgia/Georgia/~
" Sam Crider, Jr. Son12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Annie Crider Daughter9Georgia/Georgia/~
" Gertrude Crider Daughter6Georgia/Georgia/~
" Ernest Crider Son4 1/12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Johnnie Crider Son2 4/12Georgia/Georgia/~
Dalton Samuel A. Croy Head36Georgia/Georgia/~
" Ola Croy Wife36Georgia/South Carolina/~
" Bellton Croy Son17Georgia/Georgia/~
" Ethel Croy Daughter8Georgia/Georgia/~
Tilton Andrew Hayes {1}Head48Georgia/South Carolina/Georgia
" Retta V. Hayes Wife38Georgia/Georgia/Georgia
" Jennie L. Hayes Daughter18Georgia/Georgia/Georgia
" Della Hayes Daughter16Texas/Georgia/Georgia
" Lester Hayes Son13Texas/Georgia/Georgia
" Truitt Hayes Son11Texas/Georgia/Georgia
" Vernon Hayes Son8Texas/Georgia/Georgia
Dalton Johnson T. Henderson Head63Georgia/Georgia/~
" Susie Henderson Wife37Georgia/Georgia/~
" Annie May HendersonDaughter17Georgia/Georgia/~
" Ethel W. HendersonDaughter15Georgia/Georgia/~
" Mattie Lou HendersonDaughter9Georgia/Georgia/~
" Vera O. HendersonDaughter7Georgia/Georgia/~
" Docia P. HendersonDaughter4 2/12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Mary Irine HendersonDaughter1 7/12Georgia/Georgia/~
Dalton Lee Henderson Head19Georgia/Georgia/~
" Gussie HendersonWife18Georgia/Georgia/~
" Otis Henderson Son2 1/12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Pearl Henderson Daughter6/12Georgia/Georgia/~
Dalton Ed Littlejohn Head35Georgia/Georgia/~
" Lillie LittlejohnWife27Georgia/Georgia/~
" Thelma LittlejohnDaughter6Tennessee/Georgia/~
" Hazel LittlejohnDaughter4 8/12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Byron LittlejohnSon3 1/12Georgia/Georgia/~
" Louise LittlejohnDaughter1 4/12Georgia/Georgia/~
Mill Creek Nathan P. Youngblood Head65Tennessee/United States/~
" Althea YoungbloodWife66Georgia/United States/~

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