{Selected Entries}

Rocky Face Willie Bearden Head M W 30 GA GA GA
" Lillian Bearden Wife F W 26 GA GA GA
" Annie M. Bearden Daughter F W 3 8/12 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Barney Bridges Head M W 47 GA GA GA
" Willie Bridges Wife F W 37 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Julia Bridges Head F W 78 GA GA GA
" Herschel Bridges Son M W 39 GA GA GA
Rocky Face *Lola Bridges Head F W 47 GA GA GA
" Mozella Bridges Daughter F W 16 GA GA GA
" Conner Bridges Son M W 14 GA GA GA
" R. L. Bridges Son M W 13 GA GA GA
" Rollins Bridges Son M W 11 GA GA GA
" Geno Bridges Son M W 8 GA GA GA
" *Biddie Bearden Sister F W 45 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Bill Crider Head M W 29 GA GA GA
" Nellie Crider Wife F W 21 GA NC NC
Rocky Face Carl Crider Head M W 25 GA GA GA
" Lillie Crider Wife F W 22 GA GA GA
" Ruth Crider Daughter F W 5 GA GA GA
" William L. Crider Son M W 5/12 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Will Crider Head M W 54 GA GA GA
" Belle Crider Wife F W 35 GA GA GA
"e Jimmie Crider Son M W 19 GA GA GA
" John Crider Son M W 17 GA GA GA
" Nannie M. Crider Daughter F W 13 GA GA GA
"e George Crider Son M W 11 GA GA GA
" Rosa L. Crider Daughter F W 9 GA GA GA
" Allen Crider Son M W 7 GA GA GA
" Lula Crider Daughter F W 4 10/12 GA GA GA
" Ervin Crider Son M W 1 6/12 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Alex Dale Head M W 62 NC NC NC
" Ellen Dale Wife F W 52 TN TN TN
" Robert Dale Son M W 20 GA NC GA
" Nollue {sp} Dale DaughterInLaw F W 19 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Clayton Edwards Head M W 26 GA GA GA
" Ella R. Edwards Wife F W 18 GA GA GA
Rocky Face **George Edwards Head M W 65 GA GA GA
" John Edwards Brother M W 75 GA GA GA
" **Lula Griffin Sister F W 59 GA GA GA
Rocky Face Lou Edwards Head F W 55 GA NC SC
Rocky Face Grady Henderson Head M W 27 GA GA GA
" Mae Henderson Wife F W 27 NC NC NC
" June Henderson Son M W 4 9/12 TN GA NC
" Avery J. Henderson Son M W 1 1/12 TN GA NC

If you have 1930 census entries for Whitfield County and would like to contribute them for posting, please email me with the information. Thank you!

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