Blunt House
Built in 1848 by Ainsworth Emery Blunt a pioneer of Dalton who was the Cross Plains (later named Dalton) Postmaster and the first Mayor of Dalton. The Blunt House is located on US Highway 41 in Dalton.

Hamilton House
Built in 1840 by John Hamilton this house on Chattanooga Avenue in Dalton is now under the supervision and care of the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society and is listed on the National Register. Tours can be arranged through the Historical Society.

Prater's Mill
Built by Benjamin Franklin Prater in 1855, the mill was used as a campsite by soldiers from both sides during the Civil War. In 1971, the all-volunteer Prater's Mill Foundation took over the Mill and began its extensive restoration and preservation efforts. Today, the mill is best known for the arts and crafts festivals held twice each year.

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