Rules for requesting a look up include: precise name information {Do not ask for everyone under a certain surname. This could be a task that could include half the book.}, include in the subject of your email that it is for a Whitfield County Lookup, be considerate and do not overload our volunteers with dozens of requests on one email, please limit them to four at a time. When you receive those four you may then make another request. If the request is for photos, please contact the lookup volunteer for specifics on cemeteries they can get to and their charges. All photos loaded on this site which were taken by me are downloadable for free. These are copyrighted by me and may not be used for profit without my express written consent. Other submitters of photos and materials must be contacted regarding the copyrights on their photos and information and for their permission to download or use them.

Whitfield County Cemeteries Denise Murphy
Whitfield County Cemeteries Harriet Kennon

If you have Whitfield County Resources and would be willing to do look ups for others please feel free to email me with the publication names and your name and email address so I can add them to this page.

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