"D" Marriages By Bride

Mary Daniels 30 Dec 1887 William Trotter
Thursie Deverell {1} 22 Dec 1894 J. C. Bryant
Beulah Ruth Dillard {2}10 Jul 1954Jack A. Kirk
Julia Dobbins 28 Jul 1894 James D. Henderson
Susan Dodd 05 Jan 1860 M. C. Bennett
Delilah Dycus 05 Oct 1890 William B. Brewer
E. E. Dyer 03 Feb 1867 W. W. Baker
Hannah D. Dyer 26 Jan 1852 E. P. Baker

"D" Marriages By Groom

Thomas Ducket 25 Sep 1866 Martha Bennet
John Duncan 02 Sep 1884 Della Trotter
James L. Dycus 04 Feb 1879 Etta F. Bennet
William Dyre 23 Sep 1868 Elgevan Baker

{1} Submitted by Dotti Workman.
{2} Submitted by Bobbiena E. Carr.

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