"S" Marriages By Bride

Lucy E. Sansom 28 Jul 1870 J. N. Bearden
Carrie Shields 13 Jan 1884 George W. Barnes
Mary Smith 05 Feb 1893 James W. Henderson
Susan Snow 10 Jan 1864 J. H. Henderson
Mary Lee Sutherland 09 Feb 1889 James Crider
Maggie Lee Ota Swick {1}13 Dec 1891Charles Alexander Bartenfeld

"S" Marriages By Groom

J. C. Sansom 06 Jan 1870 Sarah Bearden
Daniel Scott 13 Mar 1864 Anna Bennett
Franklin A. Scott 30 Sep 1865 Elzavan Baker
John Seppens 23 Sep 1871 Roxa Bearden
Andrew J. Sitton 05 Apr 1859 Mary A. H. Brewer

{1} Submitted by Robert Lee Miller.

This is only a partial listing of marriages that I have collected while working on my own family tree.
If you have marriages that you would like to contribute please feel free to send them to me for posting.


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