By: Diane Sanfilippo

John W. Stark
Born 1 Sep 1833 in Walton County, GA.
Died 16 Jul 1898 in Whitfield County, GA.

John W. and Rebecca Malcom Stark moved to Whitfield County shortly after their marriage 15 Nov 1857, in Walton County, Ga. The land, a wedding gift from Rebecca's father 'Rich John' Malcom, consisted of part or all of three land grants awarded to John Malcom 160 acres, George Malcom (John's brother) 160 acres, and B. J. Moultrie 40 acres of land in the "third section of the County of Cherokee, 29 May, 1832" The original land grants are in the possession of the author.
When the war broke out, John went to his home county to sign up, and served with H. Company, 42nd Infantry Regiment, Georgia Volunteers from 15 Aug 1862 until the surrender in North Carolina. John was paroled at Vicksburg, wounded at Resaca, losing part of his left ear as seen in the photo above, and in N.C. just days before the surrender.

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