U. S. Air Force
Herbert Gentry Armstrong, Sr. {3} ~ USAF

Culver A. Bird ~ SSgt., USAF, WWII

Thomas E. Henderson ~ Pfc., USAF

U. S. Army
E. B. Baker ~ Tec 5, US Army, WWII

James H. Boyd ~ Pfc., 71 Signal Co., WWII

Dottry George Brewer {1} ~ Tec 5, US Army, WWII

William Carl Brock ~ PVT, US Army, WWII

Alfred Frank Bryant ~ CPL, US Army, WWII

George W. Burns ~ PFC, US Army, WWII

Roy Fred Cantrell ~ US Army, WWII

R. D. Carroll {5} ~ Tec 4, US Army, WWII

Robert F. Cromer ~ Pvt., US Army, WWII

Thurman Alfred Freeman ~ SGT, US Army, WWII

Henry Nathaniel Griffin ~ Pvt., US Army, WWII

William T. Hardin ~ Pvt., US Army

Austin G. Ogle {4} ~ Tec 5, US Army, WWII

Larry Darnell Powell ~ Pvt., US Army

George H. Self, Jr. {2} ~ Pvt., US Army, WWII

Robert Lewis Shults ~ US Army, WWII

Walter M. Sinclair ~ US Army, WWII

Floyd E. Smith ~ Pvt., US Army, WWII

Harold O. Smith ~ Pvt., US Army, WWII

Willis F. Taylor ~ PFC, Btry A, 95 AAA BN

John W. Tigue ~ US Army, WWII

U. S. Navy
Sherry H. Beasley {5} ~ F1, US Navy, WWII

Sidney Everette Cox ~ US Navy, WWII

Max Lee Franklin ~ S2, US Navy, WWII

John Henry Hardiman ~ Co. X, USNR, WWII

Albert C. Powell ~ S2, US Navy, WWII

Chester W. Scott ~ MOMM3, US Navy, WWII

Alvin F. Teasley {5} ~ S1, US Navy, WWII

Joseph B. Watters {7} ~ ARM2c, US Navy, WWII, USS Bennington

Robert Lee Williams {6} ~ US Navy

{1} Submitted by Paula Franklin.
{2} Photo copyright © and submission by Dan McCarthy. ~ Self Family.
{3} Submitted by Dara Armstrong Lehner.
{4} Photo copyright © and submission by Denise Murphy.
{5} Submitted by Sonny Beck.
{6} Submitted by Bob Williams.
{7} Submitted by Kelle Metz.
{8} Submitted by Marilyn Houser.

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